Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Spam From My Inbox

Here is some spam I found in my email inbox.

Hello Dear, Good morning or whatever the weather may be over there,how is the weather in your country?,my name is Lauren I'm tall and nice looking girl i just decided to drop you some words just to say hello and how was today,i saw your profile at and i will like to known more about you, please i will be very happy if you can reply me  so that we can go further to known each other,we can be good friends,write me direct to my mail box at, Hope to hear from you.
yours Lauren. 



I workwith a bank In West Africa, Burkina Faso .I have a business transaction foryou.
In mydepartment we discovered an abandoned sum of $10.5 Million US Dollars .In anaccount that belongs to one of our foreign customer who died along with hisentire family in car bomb in Iraq .

Sincehis supposed next of kin died along side with him at the Bomb blast, there isnobody to claim the left over balance in the account. It is therefore upon thisdiscovery that I and other officials in my department decided to seek yourassistance and present you to the bank as his Next of kin.

If youaccept I would give you the guide lines of how we can achieve this transfer ofthe balance (10.5Million Dollars) to your account. And we will shear the money50-50%.
I expectthat you will give me your telephone and fax numbers for easy communicationwith you and for more details.
Mr Yusuf Amodu.


  1. loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool.

    Here is what I have in my spam box.

    "Hello Sir, my name is Joseph Braid.
    Two days ago my friends and I were involved in a car accident that left Luke (my best friend) in a critical condition. This morning the doctors told me that the costs required to attempt to save his life was not sufficient ($10000) and we needed at least $25000 to help our dear friend. His parents are very poor so I have no told them this news because it would break their heart, and everyone we know have given their share. So please, you are our last hope. Donate to save a life!"

    I sent reply:

    1. Next time don't drink before you drive.
    2. So, everyone was 100% except your friend who is severely injured?
    3. So the doctor told YOU instead of his parents?
    4. You said you 'needed' $25000, does this mean you have already got $25000?
    5. If not, you're asking me for $15000? Have your unscrewed your head and taken your brain and and somehow lost it?
    6. You mean donate so I'm $15000 richer.

    You gotta love them.